Nick Anweiler









Plainfield, Ill. / Plainfield North






Choosing Concordia

Nick was looking for a school that could offer him the chance to play for a quality soccer program and one that had a strong Physical Therapy program. Concordia checked both boxes for him with an outstanding Physical Therapy program and Men’s Soccer team that continues to build each season. On the pitch, the Falcons have a history of competing for championships and that, along with the players and coaches, was a big draw for Nick.

Life at CUW

Nick’s favorite place on campus is the nest. While there, Nick enjoys hanging out with his friends, either watching sports or playing pool. His favorite class has been Anatomy with Dr. Fisher, who Nick says is his favorite professor because he does a good job connecting with his students.

ABOUT nick

Nick roots for Chelsea and his favorite play is Didier Drogba. It shouldn’t be surprising that Nick, a forward, enjoys watching Drogba because of his ability to score ways in more ways than Nick thought was possible.

Nick has enjoyed playing the game of soccer since he was little. He is a player who enjoys competition every time he steps on the field and loves stepping on to the pitch to have a good time with his friends.