Jovan Jardine








Hometown / High School

Winter Park, Fla. / Winter Park






Choosing Concordia

Jovan made sure to do his research when choosing a university and he came across Concordia University Wisconsin and its Men’s Soccer program. What Jovan found was a program who has had an incredible few years and he wanted to be a part of the great history. He also liked that Coach never guaranteed playing time, but ensured hard work will equal success. Jovan also was looking for a strong Physical Therapy, and Concordia has an outstanding program with a high percentage rate of students landing a job.

Life at CUW

When the weather allows for it, Jovan would enjoy going down by the beach at night and just taking in the nature. He would lie on the rocks and hear the waves from the lake and look up at a sky full of stars. Jovan also enjoys hanging out in the lounges or in the dorms with his friends. With academics, Jovan’s favorite class is Interpersonal Communication with Timothy Macafee. The class is interesting to Jovan because he loves learning about psychological things which explain why people do the things they do in society.


Jovan likes rooting for the best and that is why he is a big fan of Lionel Messi. He enjoys the game of soccer and the competitiveness it brings, but mostly he enjoys that soccer can take him to another world and provide an escape.

“When I fully immerse into the game, for 90 minutes I feel as if I’m on another world playing the sport I love. To me, playing soccer is a way to escape reality.”