Jacob Shmidt








Hometown / High School

Wautoma, Wis. / Wautoma







I chose CUW because I wanted a to be part of a friendly community not only in school, but in soccer. I came from a smaller high school where I made great relationships with my teachers and loved coming to class because of it. CUW allows me to have the same relationships with my professors because they truly care about me becoming successful in my life. This same concern is present on the soccer field. We have coaches who are extremely knowledgeable about the game and look to improve our skills every practice. However, they are also concerned about our lives after soccer. We are a family on and off the field and I couldn’t ask for a better campus or team.

Love of the game

I love the strategy and pace involved with soccer. This is a special game because although there are different positions, we all depend on each other. Both good and bad plays require the contribution of the entire unit on the field and this really calls for a fluid connection between all players. Soccer is also extremely fast paced. You can switch from offense to defense in a blink of an eye and need to be prepared for any situation that is thrown your way.

what do you enjoy about cuw?

Life at CUW resembles a family. If you are walking down the hall you are guaranteed to see someone that you know and it really brightens your day when you are able to see your friends on a daily basis. This family relationship is also present with our professors. I am blessed to have a group of faculty who are truly concerned and interested in my life at CUW. They are always looking to make our experience better and this makes campus feel like a second home.


On November 11th 2018, I decided to run a marathon with 1 month of training. Running a marathon has been a goal of mine ever since I was in middle school and in October I decided that there was no better time to do it then now. This was truly the hardest thing I have ever done and am extremely ecstatic that I completed it. The atmosphere was amazing and all of the fans that came to watch made the run 10 times more enjoyable. Although it was very rewarding, I don’t see myself running another one for a while because it was a true test of strength. However, if I do decide to run one again I will make sure to have at least 4 months of preparation for a feat this large.