Gavin Falotico








Hometown / High School

Palatine, Ill. / Palatine






Choosing Concordia

Gavin came to Concordia for a variety of reasons but the main one was the exercise physiology major and physical therapy program. He especially wanted a school with small class sizes to build strong relationships and give him the best chance of success.

“This first season definitely proved to me that I chose the right school, and I will never look back.”

No Messing Around

In terms of soccer, Gavin knew that the personality and mindset of the Falcons was one he would not find anywhere else. He was struck by the incredible competitive skill of all the players yet simultaneously fostering a friendly environment. The Falcons are the only team he has been on where each member plays for each other, not just himself. It is an atmosphere in which they each build and push one another to their fullest potential, overall raising the bar for the team. “I love how the main emphasis is placed on academics before athletics, but when it comes the time for athletics, there is no messing around.”

Life at cuw

Gavin’s favorite class is BIO 181 Anatomy and Physiology because of his interest in the human body and its function. “Despite being the class I get the largest work load in, the fact that I am learning what I want to learn makes it feel less like work and more like an opportunity.” His idea of relaxing usually involves physical activity of some sort. In good weather, Gavin will be out on the field with headphones juggling a soccer ball, and in frigid temperatures he will be in the weight room with headphones. When he is not exercising, Gavin hangs out with his teammates. “The relationship we have with one another off the field is so great that it transfers onto the field.”

“It’s like a game of chess”

What Gavin enjoys most about the game is the simultaneous demands of mental and physical ability. “Mentally it is like a game of chess. You have to anticipate your opponent’s next moves in order to stop their success.” According to Gavin, soccer also contains all the physical components of every other sport such as football strength, sprinter speed, marathon endurance but takes them a step further requiring control, flexibility, and quick reflexes. Gavin is not a die-hard member of any team’s bandwagon because he would rather be out playing the game instead of watching it.