07 Oct Charlie Danek

Charlie Danek, also known as Chuck, joins the Concordia University Men’s Soccer team as a freshman student-athlete for the 2016 season.

Danek comes to CUW from Whitefish Bay, WI. His soccer career launched at the young age of three. As a child, Danek’s father coached him on recreational soccer teams. Around age twelve, Danek joined the Bavarian Soccer Club in Glendale, WI.


Danek thrives playing the center back position. His soccer career proves successful. Danek’s senior year at Whitefish Bay high school his team won the state soccer championship for the first time in twenty years. That same year, Danek’s Bavarian Soccer  Club team won the championship on the exact same field.

Danek’s esteem for the game of soccer stands undeniable.

“I love how much of a team sport it is. Physically and mentally it is just a hard sport. It’s just really fun when you succeed in it,” Danek said.

Through the Bavarian Soccer Club, Danek met Coach John. Coach John noted Danek’s talent and passion for soccer. Coach encouraged him to explore opportunities at CUW. On a campus tour of CUW, Danek swiftly discovered CUW offers fruitful opportunities both academically and athletically.

“I like how CUW is close-knit and there are personal connections. You get to know your way around easy, because everyone is so nice and open,” Danek said.

At CUW Danek develops in mind, body, and spirit in the classroom studying Exercise Physiology, and on the field as part of the CUW Men’s Soccer team.

“The team is tight and close-knit too. That’s nice because it’s an instant friend group,” Danek said.

The CUW Men’s Soccer team cultivates friendship, athletic growth, accountability, and merriment. Danek relishes the energy, excitement, and comradery with teammates.

“In the beginning of the season we did a lot of team building exercises. We play FIFA together and eat as a team. It’s fun to bond with all the guys,” Danek said.

Danek feels connected to the CUW community and expresses Falcon pride. His extensive soccer past, passion for the game, and positive attitude add value to the CUW Men’s Soccer team and the CUW community as a whole.